Office Testimonials

“First of all, I have been with several companies and I can tell you none of the other offices has a manager like you. I was a Top Producer for so many years. If I had you as my manager and friend I would have never stopped. I am so glad to be working with you and your family, here at Coldwell Banker Somers, I can’t get over all of what you offer and do for Everyone. Thank you for bringing me to your Team & Family of professionals. You are the Best!!! ”

      -John Petrillo, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“Tammy Benkwitt is a terrific manager. She has brought in a number of good agents and supports all of us. ”

  -Barbara Harris, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“I joined the Somers Coldwell Banker office in May, 2018 after being associated with another office for many years. I was immediately impressed with how caring and responsive Tammy is been. She offers advice, always keeping with the theory that agents are their own “bosses”. Tammy holds weekly informative meetings (w/ breakfast!!) knowing that the agents time is extremely important for them to succeed. She is behind us 150% and proves that each and every day! If you are looking to join a great, fun office look no further than 338 Route 202, Somers! ”

  -Joanne Daly, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“After joining Coldwell Banker only several months ago; I would like to express my appreciation for the team aspect that is clear in the office. This team approach has been shown clearly to me by the many folks who have offered advice or guidance since I joined the team. This is a clear reflection on the environment created and nurtured by Tammy Benkwitt’s leadership. In addition, Tammy has reached out to offer her personal guidance and made herself available for various questions and strategy discussions. It is a pleasure to be associated with a high quality company with strong leadership and a genuine respect for the team aspect needed for success.”

  -Robert Montanaro, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“Tammy is a fantastic manager. She helps educate and guide me with my real estate career. I moved to Coldwell Banker just over a year ago and because of Tammy and the atmosphere at our Somers office I couldn’t be happier. ”

  -Marcie Nolletti, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“Tammy has been so instrumental in my personal and professional growth as a Realtor. In the short 3 years I have been doing this, I surpassed my own expectations for myself and I couldn’t have done that without Tammy’s guidance, support and coaching. She was always there to answer EVERY question I had in the beginning, provided me endless educational opportunities, and has just always been available for any assistance I have needed. Tammy is on the cutting edge of technology and is always looking to be ahead of the competition in providing her agents with anything that may help us stay ahead and surpass the industry standard. She has created an environment that creates a sense of family in our Somers office. These agents have become my work family. We truly enjoy each others company and you would never know that this is a competitive industry with the support we give to each other.”

  -Sherri Malone, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“I couldn’t be happier with having Tammy as my manager! I started my career with Coldwell Banker six years ago in another office, left for a short time, and was back at CB in less than a year! Tammy welcomed me home with open arms and has been great ever since. She is the type of manager who supports us as agents and promotes office unity through consistent office meetings and promotional events as a group. In the Somers office, agents help each other out and the culture is friendly and supportive. Tammy is very knowledgeable, having been an agent herself, and is always there to help us when needed. ”

  -Patti Behen, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“Being a new agent, I was referred specifically to Coldwell Banker in Somers by a colleague who has been active for decades, and in multiple agencies. Having joined the Somers office a few months prior, she enjoys the professionalism and camaraderie of the office and the great tools available. I was so pleased that Tammy shared Coldwell Banker’s unique programs during my interview, and I was thrilled to brought on board. The other agents have been very friendly and helpful in answering my many questions about all the fantastic programs that make Coldwell Banker # 1, and helped make my first SOLD happen! Tammy keeps the office on track and up to date on all industry information during our weekly sales meeting. Our Administrative staff is superb and very willing to assist with Social media postings and other program support. I feel very fortunate to be part of this very successful and fantastic team. ”

  -Holly Morrissey, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“I highly recommend the Coldwell Banker Somers office to all seasoned and new agents. It is my home away from home. Our work family is always supportive, kind, fun, a pleasure to work with, and willing to help each other. Coldwell Banker offers incredible training, tools, and management… second to none. Our manager, Tammy Benkwitt provides coaching, training, and goes the extra mile when it comes to promoting our office which is the best place for success, without a doubt. ”

  -Debbie DeMelis, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“I have been affiliated with several other local real estate firms during the 29 years I have been in the real estate business and I must say that Tammy Benkwitt is the best manager I have had the pleasure of working with. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and always willing to help! ”

  -Margaret Pfahlert, RE Salesperson, Colleague

“Tammy is a wonderful manager and mentor. She is constantly finding innovative ways for her salespeople to meet the needs of their clients and customers. With her expertise not only in sales and marketing but with technology, she is always a step ahead of the competition on the latest trends on how to connect in the 21st Century. She is friendly, kind and always there for everyone. Her effective communication and organizational skills makes it a pleasure to work on her team. ”

  -Deanna Labarbara, RE Salesperson, Colleague